Symi round tour daily boat trip

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On this Symi Round Boat Trip, our captain is you!

Setting out from the Gialos port in Symi, we will go round the island, making stops wherever you want. Choose among picturesque beaches likes Nanou, impressive scenery like Saint George and Santa Marina and serene beaches that can be accessed only by sea.

Afterwards, visit Panormitis and continue your exploration around the island's coastline. Some of our personal favourites are Taviri, Pedi and Maroni.

Take full advantage of this excursion to visit the nearby islets Seskli and Nimos, which have beautiful beaches with green and blue waters to offer and make memories that you would like to take back in your luggage.

You can choose the places you want to see beforehand or simply enter the boat and stop wherever you like, for a swim or for a longer stop. When our excursion is over, we return to the Symi port.

Prices starts from

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About this activity

Duration: 5 - 8 Hours

Max People: 10

Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Refreshments, Insurance & Fuell

Price excludes: Transfer from and to marina, Snacks(you can preorder), swimming towel

Boat options: Marco 23, Marco 26, Magna c35

Trip Route

  • Symi Gialo Port

  • Round Island

  • Stop of your Choice

  • Panormitis

  • Stop of your Choice

  • Symi Port

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