Rhodes City Tour Daily Boat Trip

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Time to sail!

Our daily boat trip starts from Rhodes Marina. Our first contact with the beautiful images of the island starts with a wide view of the medieval castle, while we are headed towards the central port. At the entrance, we can see the opposite pillars with the deers of Rhodes (elafakia), at the exact spots where legends say the feet of the Colossus once stood. Among the many sights is the Mandraki Agora (market), built during Italian occupation. Further ahead, the grand orthodox Church of Annunciation can be seen and around it, structures built during the era of the Templar Knights can be seen.

After a short while, we pass by the Rhodes Casino, standing out due to its impressive architecture, and its surrounding garden which brings about a scent of times past. Right after, we can see the Aquarium, its architecture being a testament to it being built during Italian occupaction. Today, it functions as a place of familiarization with the Aegean seaworld.

And now, let us enjoy our trip, as we trail the coastline, with images of the town and the island's flora coming one after the other in succession. Upon reaching Kallithea, we will make a stop for a swim and enjoy the clear, blue waters. Finally, we will make our way back towards Rhodes Marina.


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*Up to Three Persons | Boat: Viper Legend 5.50.

About this activity

Duration: 2 - 3 Hours

Max People: 10

Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Refreshments, Insurance & Fuell

Price excludes: Transfer from and to marina, Snacks(you can preorder), swimming towel

Boat options: Viper legend 5.50, Viper bullet 6.50, Evripus 7, Marco 23, Marco 26, Magna c35

Trip Route

  • Rhodes Marina


  • Deers - Elafakia

  • Aquarium & Casino

  • Kallithea Springs for Swimming

  • Rhodes Marina

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