Anthony Quinn Daily Boat Trip

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The main protagonists of our trip are two of the best beaches in the island. Hop on and let's go to Anthony Quinn Daily Boat Trip!

We set sail from Rhodes Marina with a direction towards the central port. On this section of the route, we can see the medieval walls, as well as a view of the Templar Knights' castle. Passing by the port, we can gaze upon the deers of Rhodes (elafakia), one of the island's landmarks, and next to one of them the Fort of St. Nicholas can be seen, built duiring the Templar Knights' era. Our trip continues along the coastline reaching the Kallithea Springs. If this is your first visit here, you will be enchanted! Kallithea Springs were built during Italian occupation and is a small haven for anyone who sets foot. In front of the cafe, a small bay surrounded by rocks can be admired.

Walking on the pebbled path towards the inner monument, we can enjoy the beautiful combination of the prominent vegetation with the italian arches and arbors. The Rotunda can also be found there, a space which is nowadays used for festivities, concerts, wedding receptions etc.

Continuing our tour, we reach the Anthony Quinn Bay, one of the most favourite beaches of locals and visitors alike. The emerald, crystal clear waters are surrounded by rocks and pine trees creating a dream-like scenery. It's no wonder after all, that the very same actor who gave his name to the beach fell in love with it during the filming of "The Guns of Navarone".

After enjoying a swim with family and friends, we return back to Rhodes Marina.


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*Up to Three Persons | Boat: Viper Legend 5.50.

About this activity

Duration: 4 - 6 Hours

Max People: 10

Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Refreshments, Insurance & Fuell

Price excludes: Transfer from and to marina, Snacks(you can preorder), swimming towel

Boat options: Viper legend 5.50, Viper bullet 6.50, Evripus 7, Marco 23, Marco 26, Magna c35

Trip Route

  • Rhodes Marina

  • Deers - Elafakia

  • Kallithea Springs for Swimming

  • Anthony Quinn Bay

  • Rhodes Marina

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