Renting terms and procedures

A. Application

Please, fill in the Boat renting application with your complete details, exact dates, place of delivery and return, the boat type that you wish, the exact number of persons (including children if any) and any other request that you might have. Requests for daily trips are performed on weekdays. (Saturdays or Sundays are subject to special agreement).

1) Reservations

In order to confirm your reservation, you need to contact us through our email within three days. A reservation is deemed definite once the required deposit is paid (40% of the total fare). Please send us the following necessary documents with your Application:

  1. Two side copy of your Identity Card.

  2. Copy of your speed boat handling license.
  3. Your details for the issue of payment receipts.

Upon the confirmation of your reservation we will send you a copy of the lease contract accompanied by the necessary information regarding the boat that you have selected.

2) Payments

Upon the confirmation of your reservation, please proceed with the deposit payment of the 40% of the total fare within three days. The remaining amount of the fare can be paid three (3) days before the commencement date of the lease. In case of a one day renting the total fare must be paid in advance. All the payments can be made through a credit card or by transfer to the following bank account: ……………………………………………………………………………… Personal checks cannot be accepted. When the transfer to the account is made, please send us the payment receipt, with your name. If the payment is made through a credit card, please complete and send us the charge authorization of your credit card.

3) Guarantee

For your best possible cover and safety the XPLORE – RENT A RIB company covers all its boats with mixed insurance. In order to complete the renting and for the departure to be performed, the guarantee payment is required, depending on the boat type, which is returned upon the end of the lease and the final check at the return of the boat.

4) Weather conditions

The lease and the boat’s departure are performed normally, provided that in the point of delivery and return, the wind force does not exceed 7 degrees in the Beaufort scale and since the port authorities allow it. However if the weather conditions do not allow the departure upon the date of the lease commencement, there will be relevant arrangements with the company.

5) Cancellation cases

The rules followed by XPLORE in case of lease cancellation are the following:

  • If the cancellation is made 10 days before the scheduled departure, then the lease can be transferred in another date when this boat type is available.

  • If the cancellation is made within the last 10 days before the scheduled departure, then the advance payment has to be kept

6) Departure

Two days before the departure, we must be informed of the desired time of the boat’s departure. The place of delivery is Glistra, Rhodes. At the departure day and at the arrival in the predetermined delivery place of the boat you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for the boat’s renting as well as to settle any financial issues. The person renting the boat / operator must necessarily have the original speed boat handling license, an identification card, a credit card and copies of them. At the delivery a detailed demonstration of the boat and its equipment is made, while you will be asked to sign the declaration of the boat’s acceptance and the inventory list of its equipment. Additional, a detailed briefing is made for the safety procedures and relevant information is provided concerning the use of the boat and the documents/licenses that you are given. The boat is delivered by us with full tanks of fuel and water, for the facilitation of the procedure. Just before your departure, you might be asked to demonstrate your abilities regarding the use of a speedboat. You can also park your own transportation mean to our Parking area. The aforementioned actions can be made in our office the previous day, after an agreement, in order to make the departure quicker at the departure day.

7) Return

During your return and (1) hour before your arrival in Glistra, make a telephone call from your mobile phone to the company using the phone number provided to you in the card that we give you, in order for our company’s driver to refloat the boat. Then the person from our company checks the boat and the company’s list in order to ascertain the completeness of the equipment and boat and to return the guarantee to the lessee. The boat is returned by the charterer with full tanks. The boat’s refueling is performed by us and is made in the closest gas station. The fuel’s cost is paid exclusively by the charterer.